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Two State Switch

It's a way for controlling a light in 2 distinct modes: timed and untimed. In timed mode, the light automatically turns itself off after a few (10 in this example) minutes. In untimed mode, the light remains on indefinitely. To put the light in untimed mode, you simply do a ON-OFF-ON (with the Off at least 1 second) sequence using the light switch.

You will need the following:

  1. A Program Logic Event Generator that will be setup as follows:
  2. An AutoOff Scene, that will turn off the light(s).
    You will need a Trigger for this scene based on this Program Logic Event Generator where the condition satisfied is AutoOff

The condition states Auto Turn Off in 10 minutes as long as the last two Light On events where NOT less than 3 seconds apart.
Note:The light needs to be off for more than 1 second ... So the event times will be at least 1 second apart. The resolution of event times is 1 second.

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