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Sleep In

This is a complex setup that integrates a lot of diverse components.

Use the Ramp Up Plugin to slowly turn on lights, and Vera Alerts to Notify you via Text To Speech if you do not get out of bed. See: Forum Thread for motivation.

You will need the following:

  1. A Bed Occupied Sensor ... See Forum thread for details.
  2. A Google Calendar that marks the days you are NOT working.
  3. A Program Logic Event Generator that will be setup as follows:
  4. An RampOn Scene, that will start your lights to ramp up.
    You will need a Trigger for this scene based on this Program Logic Event Generator where the condition satisfied is StartRamp
Operation: Note: This utilizes a Google Calendar to disable the normal daily schedule. You could create a WakeTimeWeekday and WakeTimeWeekend calendar. Then you would modify the condition above from WakeTime to (WakeTimeWeekend or WakeTimeWeekday)

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