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Program Logic Event Generator

Based on the same technology as the Program Logic Timer Switch.
You can create an arbitrary number of complex events that you can use to control your Automation.

The plugin is licensed.
You get 30 days free unlimited access from time of your first install.
To reset the date ... delete all PLC, PLEG, and PLTS plugins and re-install the plugins.
After 30 days, unlicensed users are allowed a total of 3 PLEG and/or PLTS devices each with a max of 5 inputs and 5 conditions.
You can obtain a license that will allow you to create 4 PLEG/PLTS devices. (You can obtain as many licenses as you need).
A license is $5.50+tax




You start by specifying a set of input. Any combination of triggers, schedules and or device properties can be used for your Program Logic Event Generator device using the Inputs tab for the device.

Next you create an arbitrary set of complex Condition expressions for your Program Logic Event Generator device using the Conditions tab based on these input variables.

Next you create a one or more scenes, and/or notifications that are triggered when the Named condition from the Program Logic Event Generator is Fired. Notifications are done in the Program Logic Event Generator device using the Notifications tab.

The Program Logic Event Generator will evaluate the set of conditions when any of the following events happen:

They are evaluated in the order that they are defined. If any are true and the input event source contributed to the Condition then the Condition will be Fired. Note: Multiple Named conditions can be fired quickly, sequentially, if multiple conditions reference the same input trigger.

Condition Expression Syntax

This is defined by the
Program Logic Core
Supported expressions include:


If you have an interesting usage and you would like to share it please send me a screen snap of your settings page, triggers page, and a short description of what it does. I will enumerate and link them here.



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